Monday, March 30, 2009


Back in the mid '70s I was contracted by the provincial government to photograph several projects they funded in Central Newfoundland. I had to travel to Greenspond to photograph a "smoke plant" where they produced smoked fish (salmon if I remember correctly). I remember that I had to take a ferry to the town. I photographed the plant and had to leave right away to make certain I got off the island on the ferry. I took only three or four photos near the wharf.

During my trip around the Loop (Road to the Shores) I saw a side road to Greenspond so I went there to capture a few photos of the town. I was certainly glad I did because it is a very picturesque little community.

As you can see from the three photos today, the island is rocky and barren, but beautiful just the same. If any of you happen to be driving in that area, I would recommend a walk around Greenspond.

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