Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Today's photos show a house I photographed in Bay Bulls in July 2002. I liked the geometric shapes of the windows, porch and door. The closer view of the window shows that it was rotten and falling apart. It is possible that this house has been repaired or let go even further since I made the photos. I will have to check next time I go to the area.

These photos could be used to have younger students look for shapes such as rectangles, triangles and arcs. With older students, it can be used as a story-starter or a study of traditional architecture.

All images that have been sent to my Photo of the Day lists have been uploaded to the MQP Photo Album Project and can be searched by keyword. Over 110 photographers have contributed to this project so far. You are invited to send photos from your part of the world so students will be able to use them in school projects without having to worry about copyright issues. Send photos to

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