Monday, March 16, 2009


I have been planning the Bee theme for the past few days. The images today have been cropped from originals to allow you to see closer views.

Most summers I spend some time photographing the bees that visit flowers around my property. To photograph the bees in flight is not easy because of the difficulty of focusing on a small, moving insect. You'll notice that in each of the photos the bumble bees and flower petals are in focus. I have taken hundreds of photos of bees while trying to capture them in flight, but I have discarded the majority of the images because they were out of focus.

You will have to be very patient to capture photos of bees at work They aren't very predictable so you are never sure which flower they will land on. Also, they don't usually stay very long on a particular flower, so they are in constant motion. Sometimes they get irritated at me and since I don't want to get stung I have to be very careful, especially when there are many around.

As well, I uploaded 13 photos to my Bees Gallery at:

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