Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hawke Hills 1

Imagine a landscape with weather so severe that mature trees grow just a few inches in height. Hawke Hills, not too far from the Town of Holyrood, is one of those places. It's altitude, high winds, fog and a general lack of good soil make it very barren and similar to an arctic landscape.

Hawke Hills is a designated ecological reserve and easily accessible from the Trans Canada Highway. The access is located just west of the Holyrood Access Road but you have to be headed east to bring your vehicle to the top of the hill where you start the trail. It is suggested that you have a compass or GPS because the fog rolls in very quickly and it is very easy to become disoriented when fogged in.

This morning chose photos showing the "skeletons" of small trees that were growing low to the ground and whose remains are still clinging to rocks. I liked the grayish-white branches and trunks of the trees and the natural shapes and textures. The first two photos show the same subject. Note how the image changed when I moved a little, knelt down and used a vertical (portrait) format.

I have made a few trips to this area and photographed plants, flowers, lichens and glacial boulders. I plan to send photos from this area for the next few days.

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