Thursday, March 05, 2009


I have a feeling many of you don't like snakes because there was little feedback about the photos I sent yesterday. :)

I am sharing a couple of images of an iceberg this morning. Notice how shiny the ice is. The second image is cropped from the first.

The answer to the mystery photo on Monday was a reflection of light coming through a doorway window. I actually focused on the light that was reflecting off our living room wall. To be honest, I thought this was going to be too easy, but only a few people were close.

Here are the guesses:Bulleted List

  • A working vacuum cleaner
  • Light Switch in low level lighting
  • close up of an electric bathroom heater
  • window with shutters
  • A retractable razor
  • Church
  • It looks like a window decorated with bows and boughs
  • accordion
  • blurred window with doves at top and bottom
  • a church window
  • A lamp
  • decorations around a lit window
  • Looks like a couple of batteries in the middle section
  • a reflection from your door way
  • an entrance door decorated for xmas
  • a button hole
  • Handle of a casket in the upright position
  • church windows
  • a window
  • A Candy

Thanks for taking part in this little photo game.

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