Saturday, May 03, 2014

Clotheslines 9

Clotheslines 9

I am not sure what happened yesterday.  Got up and wrote my Photo of the Day comments, then forgot to send them out until last night.

Tomorrow will be the last in my current Clotheslines Series.  I plan to move on to another series.  Since there are icebergs around Conception Bay, I will take a ride out towards Ochre Pit Cove if the weather cooperates over the next couple of days.

Another few comments:

Thanks again Bruce for the photos...the clotheslines get better each time
The clothesline "above" the church looks amusing...
Hey Bruce. I must congratulate you again for the very fine pictures you are showing. These clotheslines are colorful indeed, and i dare say they make for some interesting conversation at times.

Feel free to share today's photos with family and friends.

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