Tuesday, November 08, 2011

La Rambla Church 2

La Rambla Church 2

Thanks for the positive comments on the first photos in my Churches of the Mediterranean Series. Since I didn't take many photos in the church along La Rambla in Barcelona, today is the last of the photos of that building.

The artwork in the sculptures is very detailed including the one that shows many people in a lake of fire which I thought was sort of gruesome. I also included a wide shot of the church with people awaiting the service. It looks bright, but the lighting inside was very dim. I was surprised and pleased the photos came out so bright. The others were taken in a corner of the building that was so dark that I could barely tell there was artwork painted on the walls behind the statue. When I arrived back home I brightened the last two images and intensified the colours a little.

As I share photos of other churches, I will follow the same pattern - 3 photos to those on the list and 10 (approx) uploaded to my Blog. By posting more on my Blog, I am speeding up the series instead of dragging it out. No one has complained about looking up the extra images and the number of visitors to my Blog has doubled over the past few months indicating that many of you are checking the extra photos I've been uploading on a daily basis.

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Odd Jeppesen said...

The second shot from the top is awesome.

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