Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Florida 10

This morning's photos were taken in the sequence shown. As I have stated in my last two posts, during my walk on the second morning in Florida, I chose to return to the point in the road that the giant grasses thrive in order to capture the sun as it rose behind them. A person asked what time the sun rose this time of the year and this mornings photos were taken approximately 7:30 AM. The official time of sunrise while I was there was listed as 7:06 AM

The first medium shot was taken with my 70-300 IS lens. The sun was coming into sight and was getting very bright at this point. This was the widest image I could make with that lens, so I switched lenses to my 17-40mm lens at maximum width to make the last image. As the sun gets higher in the sky it gets very bright and I had to move in towards the grasses to obscure the sun once again. The orange light of early morning is just about gone now.

My morning routine in Florida was to walk from 7-9ish taking photos. Usually I took a couple more trips around the park by golf cart throughout the day. I had been told of two caracara birds, and several sandhill cranes that were visiting the park so I was keeping an eye out for them. As well, I knew there was a red-shouldered hawk hunting near the orange orchard and I enjoy photographing them as well. I did get a chance to see them all, but in most cases they were too far away to get good photos.

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