Friday, December 17, 2010

Florida 5

The red berries shown yesterday were identified by two different sources as: Brazil peppers ... they have a very interesting peppery taste, and are the "Red peppers" found in gourmet pepper mixes with both black and white peppers.

There is a small pond at the end of my friend's street and when I arrived back there I photographed a number of different species of birds. A cormorant surfaced just in front of me and I was lucky to get a couple of photos before it dived again. The were several white ibises feeding along the shore. Their curved beaks must be specially adapted for finding food on land because I seldom see them in the water. A great egret stands very still as it watches for a fish to swim close to the edge of the pond.

While all three species shown today are common in Florida, they are exotic bird species for me and I stop to make photos of all I see. They are skittish and must be approached very slowly and quietly. I have spent a good deal of time standing very still and slowly getting close enough to make close-up images.

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