Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Florida 2

I've gone through all the photos I took in Florida and there are a lot I wish to share on my Photo of the Day. I have been trying to decide which to share and when because I know that I will tire of sending them after a few days. I think I will share the photos in the approximate order they were taken, just to show you what I saw during each day I spent making photographs in Citrus Park. I will be able to return to the theme for a few days at a time.

The photos this morning were taken as the sun rose above the horizon the first morning. You can see the bright sun as it rose behind the orange trees. The sky is golden and the trees silhouetted by the bright light. The second image is my shadow as I made a photograph of the tall grasses along the edge of the a pond. The pond doesn't have a ripple at that hour of the morning which is perfect for photos of reflections.

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