Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Weird Weather

I know I promised that I would continue my Florida series this morning, but I decided to share a few images I took yesterday in my yard here in Holyrood, Newfoundland and Labrador. I will return to the Florida series tomorrow.

As I stated previously, for the past month the temperatures here have been above normal and most mornings I get up, it has been warmer here than in Florida. (Of course it warms up more there during the day.) The rest of Canada and much of the USA have had several snow storms, but here, I have been weeding my gardens and will soon have to mow the grass if this weather continues for much longer.

The first photo shows my house around 11:30 AM yesterday. It was sunny and 10°C (50°F). The grass, which I planted last summer, is growing and turning green. Look at the long shadows near noon this time of the year. That will give you an idea of how low the sun is in the sky.

I decided to weed a couple of my raised beds because the weeds have been growing most of the fall. As I pulled the weeds I noticed that several species were starting to flower which I thought was unusual for this time of the year. The second photo shows tiny white flowers and the last shows yellow flowers about to open.

The news has been reporting snow all across Canada, Europe, the US and even in Australia where it normally doesn't snow this time of the year. Yet, here in the middle of the North Atlantic we are enjoying warmer than normal temperatures.

Here's another oddity. This morning's online news on CBC ( reports that some seals are giving birth in Labrador three months early. Native elders living in the area cannot remember it ever happening before and scientists are puzzled. It is all very weird!

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