Monday, December 27, 2010

Citrus Blossom

Citrus Blossom

I would like to welcome several new members from Citrus Park in Florida who joined my list yesterday. As promised today I am sharing more photos of the decorations on Citrus Blossom for a few days.

You may be wondering why I bother to photograph Christmas decorations. My 15 month old grandson, Sam, loves looking at photos of Santa and snowmen. Of course, bears, penguins, gingerbread people, nutcrackers and other Christmassy things are exciting for him and he really enjoys them. He was getting tired of the old ones I had taken so when I arrived in Florida, I decided to photograph every Santa, snowman and nutcracker I saw.

The large display on Citrus Blossom has a Nativity scene, land of snow, and Disney themes with a working train. I didn't photograph it at night because I didn't have my tripod with me. The Nativity scene shown in the first photo is quite large - the animals and people are almost life-sized and the artwork is quite good. Santa coming out of the igloo was cute as were the polar bears and penguins.

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