Monday, December 13, 2010

Florida 1

I arrived back in Newfoundland and Labrador yesterday morning at 5 AM and slept most of the day since I had been up almost 24 hours. Last evening I downloaded nearly 5 000 images taken while visiting Florida last week. I have only viewed and edited the photos I took during the first two days I was there.

For the next while I will share photos I made in Florida during this trip. Every time I visit Citrus Park, I take around 5 000 photos in a week to ten days, and one would think I would tire of walking around the park looking for photos. I don't, which proves that Everything is a Picture. I have never gone outside with my camera and came back without making photographs.

The photos I am sharing this morning were taken before the sun rose on my first day there. The sky was beginning to turn pink as the sun began to brighten the morning sky. I liked the silhouette of the giant grasses, one of my favourite photographic subjects there. When I looked straight up at the top of one plant, I made a photo knowing that in the dim light, it would also be a silhouette.

A bird flew by and I walked slowly to the edge of the nearby pond to find a green heron crouched in the reeds of grass. Even though it was pretty dull, I was able to capture a couple of images before it flew to the opposite side of the pond.

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