Sunday, July 25, 2021

Fair Haven

Fair Haven

I've been living on the Avalon Peninsula for nearly 40 years but I have never taken the time to visit Fair Haven until yesterday.  The visit was prompted because I had one photo identified as Fair Haven in my collection and it was not of the town.  I was curious why I didn't take any photos of the town so I decided to check it out.

After a 12 km drive from the TCH, I arrived in the small town and quickly realized that I hadn't been here before.  I took a few photos before I reached the wharf where there were several small boats tied up and quite a few lobster pots (traps) stored there.

I photographed the old fish plant and fishing stages that were close by, then drove around the rest of the community to the end of the road.  I have started a NEW album in which I will feature the photos I took.  You can follow it here -

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