Thursday, July 01, 2021



I thought I would start my July Photo of the Day with photos of ants in my yard.  No matter where I go, I see ants crawling around the ground and on plants of all types.  They are amazing creatures and I try not to disturb them unless they are close to my house.  Then I try a few strategies to get them to move further away.  I found a couple of suggestions. 

First, they don't like their nests to be disturbed and will move if there are disturbances a few days in a row.  I found a huge nest next to my deck and decided to move them.  I was digging a small flower garden so I dug the rocky soil where the ants lived and moved it about 10 feet away.  I left the hole for a few days and there was no sign of ants around, so I filled the hole with soil and planted a few flowers.  Hopefully, they won't come back to the same spot.

Second, I read that they don't like urine.  When the urine gets on their nests, they move out.  It has worked for me.  :)

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