Friday, August 22, 2014

Holyrood 7

Holyrood 7

Today I am sharing more people photos that were taken in the Town of Holyrood.  After today I'll move on to other photographic subjects in and around the town.

Holyrood swimming park is a popular place to visit during the summer months.  Scuba divers still come to Holyrood Harbour to explore the underwater world that is invisible to most visitors.  The swimming park has changed a lot since 1986 when these photos were taken. The rowboat races, which were part of the Squid Fest celebrations, were taken in 1995.

One day I noticed fishermen working on a seine net and stopped to make a few photos.  The rain gear and fog emphasized that a fisherman has to work in all types of weather.  Of course, I've photographed other types of fishing going on as well.  I've also photographed many people relaxing on the rocky beach and a few are included today.

After climbing the trail to the top of George Cove Mountain you are treated to a great view of the town, harbour and beyond.

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