Sunday, February 15, 2015

Boats and Stages 6

Boats and Stages 6
Living in Newfoundland and Labrador provides many opportunities to photograph boats.  With over 10, 000 miles of coastline, it is easy to find boats of all types both on the water and on the land.  You can find boats that have outlived their usefulness and are rotting away, while others are new and shiny.  You will see boats used for work and others for pleasure.

I photographed a sailboat as it motored around a sea stack near Bell Island and a tour boat near Witless Bay.  I liked the single boat floating on the calm sea in Conception Bay. I photographed several boats involved in the squid fishery in Holyrood Harbour  in the mid 80s and a person sailing in Rushy Pond near Grand Falls-Windsor in the late 70s.  Fishing boats and oil tankers are also common sights in Conception Bay.  I photographed a few boats in the still waters in Seal Cove.

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