Monday, February 16, 2015

Boats and Stages 7

Boats and Stages 7

Today’s photos were all scanned from slides and date back to 1973.  

The first photo shows a boat that appeared to be dumped in a ditch along the side of the road in Amhearst Cove in Bonavista Bay.  The second shows boats in St. Shott’s with fog rolling in.  An old boat was rotting  near a shed in Elliston, Trinity Bay.  I photographed the same scene 20 years later and the boat was all but gone.  I photographed a boat load of people leaving the wharf in Tilt Cove, Notre Dame Bay in 1973.  The boat on a stage in King;’s Point was taken on a cold winter’s day in 1973.  The first of three groups of boats was taken in the Battery (St. John's), the next in Harbour Main, Conception Bay and the thirs in St. Shott's.  I photographed the sailboat near Trouty, Trinity Bay in 1982.

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