Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Today, I have chosen three images taken during my hike to the mountain last Saturday. As you can see from the photos, it was an absolutely glorious day. I included my shadow in each of these photos because I wanted to have a "human element". Of course I took similar images without my shadow.

As I walked across the bog in the first photo, I noticed the long shadows of the trees and stopped to take a photo. The bog I am walking on is in a valley between the second and third ridges of hills.

The second shows my shadow stretching across a patch of very hard snow near the top of the mountain. I am carrying my snowshoes because there the little snow on the ridge was hard enough to walk on without them. The highest point in this photo was my destination.

The third photo shows my shadow with another ridge of hills in the background. I held my walking stick away from my body so you could see it.

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bearkat said...

Hi really enjoying seeing the photos from your neck of the woods...and the little stories you have to tell!!...was neat that you even posted yesterday :)....we did get a wee bit of snow today...take care...and happy new years!!

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