Friday, December 14, 2007

Winter Wonderland

On Wednesday night we had over 20 cm (8 in) fall in this area of the province. It was a beautiful morning and I would have really enjoyed it, had I not had to drive to St. John's. The drive wasn't too bad; it took me 50 minutes instead of 30. People were driving slow because of the slippery conditions and blowing snow. When I got home, I spent 2.5 hours shovelling (scooping) my driveway. A good workout!

Our area certainly is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas". It will be different because we have had little or no snow for the past few holiday seasons. As well, I should be able to go snowshoeing soon. I enjoy that winter activity a lot.

I plan to shoot lots of winter scenes this year and may even try a few at night.

1 comment:

bearkat said...

hi there isn't much snow left's been really mild and at this will be a brown christmas!!!...enjoyed the owls yesterday too....sure do like my nature and animals:)..thanks!!

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