Friday, December 28, 2007

Ice Formations

Yesterday, during my hike to the hills behind my house, I photographed ice covered branches in a small river. I liked the shapes and textures in ice created by water that was melting and freezing as drops from the moving water washed over the mini-ice formations.

The formations you see in the first photo are about 3 inches long and are hanging off a branch that extends over the banks of the small river. If you look carefully you can see the water flowing underneath. Occasionally drops of water land on the ice helping form the interesting shapes as they freeze and/or drop off.

The ice on the second photo has a bluish cast - no doubt caused by reflection of the bright blue sky. You can see how the ice has formed around the tiny branch.

The third photo shows ice that has formed in a "quieter" section of the river. The "designs" are a lot more even because the water isn't moving as much.

I have taken over 100 photos of ice formations over the past couple of days and will share a few over the next while.

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