Monday, July 24, 2006

Squid Jigging

Holyrood was the inspiration for the Newfoundland song "Squid Jigging Ground" and fisherpersons continue to catch squid in Holyrood Harbour. This year there is a lot of squid (I was told that 150, 000 pounds of squid were caught one day last week) and local fisherpersons spend their days on the water. I am sending two photos of squid fishing in the harbour.

The third photo shows squid that were brought to shore and stored in containers. I am also sending a photo taken in Glover's Harbour, Notre Dame Bay showing a life sized model of a giant squid that was caught by fishermen in 1878. Newspaper reports from the time described the length of the squid as 20 feet from the tip of its tail to it's beak. The tentacles were even longer - one measured 35 feet. Many giant squid have been found along the shores of our province since that time.


Karen said...

I never knew that Holyrood was the inspiration for "The Squid Jigging Ground" song. Seems odd, since it was written by A.R. Scammell when he was a teenager going to school in Change Islands. In fact the town of Change Islands claims they are the site of the famous squid jigging grounds from the song.

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

Sounds logical.

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