Saturday, July 29, 2006

Macro Photographs

I have been doing a bit of macro photography in my backyard this summer and thought I'd share a few with you. This morning I am sending three macro photographs.

I saw a weird bug flying around my deck and, when it landed on a flower, I attempted to photograph it with my macro lens. To my surprise, it stayed there long enough for me to take a few photos before flying off. I don't know what type of bug it is, but it hovers like a hummingbird. I was more nervous about photographing this insect because it looks like it could be related to a wasp - and may bite. It didn't! (I did a Google search and think it is a hover fly. Apparently they mimic wasps.)

The second is a close-up of the sexual parts of a wave petunia. This is the part of the plant that bees go to try to get nectar. I have never photographed this type of flower before, and thought it was interesting it was so dark there.

The third photo is a white satin moth. It had landed on my back deck and stayed there long enough to be photographed. You can see that the legs and antennae are black and white.

I identified these insects on the web and may be incorrect about the two species today. I know there are a couple of people on my Photo of the Day list who will be able to identify these insects for sure. : )

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