Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Barbour Premises, Newtown, Bonavista Bay

The Barbour Premises in Newtown, Bonavista Bay is a "living history" interpretation exhibit. Unfortunately, by the time we arrived there, it was too late to spend any time exploring the buildings.

The first photo shows 3 buildings on the harbour, the second shows one of the buildings as well as a couple of fishing stages. The last shows the house that the Barbour family lived in, and as far as I know their relatives still do come there from time to time. More information is available on line at:

As you can see, the buildings are painted the same colour as the house and post office in Greenspond (the photos were sent over the past few days. I imagine this area was pretty busy when the fishery was a bustling industry.


Karen said...

Lovely! I've added a link to your Blog on mine.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenes! Mark and his girlfriend, Diana, spent the weekend in and around Lumsden, Newtown and Cape Freels camping and taking photographs. They took the very same photos you have in your e-mail today. He was amazed to see your posting.. He stood in the very same spot as you to take the one of the water and the several yellow buildings. This blog thing is a great idea.

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