Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Leading Tickles

The rocks and rough terrain in and around the town of Leading Tickles are very interesting and were formed by tectonic forces associated with the opening and closing of oceans around 450 million years ago. The steep cliffs in Oceanview Park are very photogenic and I am sending two images of them this morning.

The first shows my brother taking a photo looking up the steep rock face of the cliff. There is a trail system that takes hikers to a lookout on top of this cliff. I imagine the view of Notre Dame Bay is spectacular from up there. As usual, I didn't have time to explore the trails there.

The second is a silhouette of the cliff taken after I walked around a bit. I got into position in the shadows so the sun was just at the edge of the cliff. Because the sun was so bright, I knew that the cliff would be totally black, making a strong image. I liked the flare created as the edge of the sun peeked around the edge of the rock face.

Warning - do not look directly into the sun while making this type of photo.

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