Friday, June 12, 2015


June 10, 2015

One advantage of a late spring is that I can photograph tulips later ... :)

I made today's photos nearly a week after those I shared a few days ago. They have survived 2 frosts and a couple of visits by a moose. This is the first time that a moose has nibbled on the tulip plants in my back yard. One morning I went out and a dozen or so tulips had been chewed off and there were moose tracks around. Luckily it didn't like them too much because it may have eaten them all.

Feel free to share today's photos with family and friends.


William F Matthews said...

Delightful. The importance of lighting is 'highlighted' in these Tulip pictures. My Tulipa/Narcissi are going over now after two days of warm weather as the Amelanchier/Chuckley Pear trees show their beautiful blossoms............and the wild pin cherries follow suit.

K. Bruce Lane - Photo of the Day said...

Thanks for the positive comments. The chuckly pears and wild cherries are in full bloom here as well.

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