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You probably don't think of photography as an "active" activity, but I can assure you that In order to make photos a photographer often has to walk, run, and climb in order to capture some images.

Today's photos show a few images of photographers taking pictures and they have given me an idea for a future series in which I will share photos photographers at work.

The first photo shows two photographers on a wharf in Gros Morne Park. I noticed them as I walked onto the wharf. Unfortunately the lady finished and looked at her camera just as I focused. I think it would have been better if I had been fast enough to capture them both looking through their viewfinders at the same time.

I saw a man focussing on something in the distance in St. Vincent's on the southern Avalon. I visit that area often and have many photographers walking along the beach. In this case I liked the wave crashing behind him as he was looking elsewhere.

It looked like the young man on the cliff was making a photo of plants, but I am not sure. He had to climb up there so he must have seen something interesting. I've uploaded another photos of him on a nearby beach.

I photographed a young woman making a photo in Port de Grave several years ago.  The harbour has been completely changed since that photo was taken.

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William F Matthews said...

Seaside walks: Possible paleontological specimens imbedded in rocks? (Misstaken Point at Cape Race?)

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