Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yesterday's photos illustrated how the lighting on a photographic subject changes as you change the angle of view. This morning I chose two photos of the same subject which were taken approximately 6 months apart.

The cabin is located on the Witless Bay Line and I have photographed it during all seasons. It is amazing that the cabin can be covered by snow for much of the winter but doesn't get wet inside. You can see that the owner covers the windows and door in preparation for the snow.

I spoke to the gentleman who owns this cabin and loves it there. He comes out during the winter to check on the cabin. His problem is not the snow or water, but people running over his roof on snowmobiles (when the snow is a little deeper than it is in today's photo).

Today's lesson: When you visit a place with the intention of making photographs, note things that have changed since your last visit and take photos for comparison purposes.

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