Wednesday, October 14, 2015



Today's photos were taken on Ocetober 10, 2004 and, as you can see, leaves were beginning to change here in Holyrood. By that time, I had all my vegetables out of the ground.

This year was the same, but because of the very poor weather in June and July, my crop of potatoes was a disappointment because they were very small. However, last year I visited a farmer's market and they were selling small potatoes at a premium price - $3.00 for approximately 15 small potatoes. I explained that I usually throw small potatoes away and the lady looked at me as if I were crazy because she said people were willing to pay more for those. They are too small to peel, but are excellent for roast potato recipes!

Birch are among the first trees to change colour around here and the bright yellow leaves are beautiful! The northern wild raisin leaves were a bright red and the maples were just beginning to change colour that year.

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