Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fall 2

Fall 2

The bright colours of a small maple tree contrasted with the darker colours of a small rock outcrop and caught my attention as I drove through the Town of Holyrood.

A little farther on, I photographed a large maple which still had many green leaves while the rest of the tree had turned a yellowish-orange colour.

I photographed the river from Holy Cross Park on the Holyrood Access Road.

I thought I'd share this interesting comment I received from a person in British Columbia in response to my recent postings:
I can tell you that leaves are falling earlier than normal here, mostly because of a 4 month drought this past summer. Very rigid water restrictions were in place. We’ve now had 120 mm of rain since early Sept and everything is wet again. Too late to allow the trees to recover. 
Re: the lady in Calgary, all is normal, The main trees that can survive on the prairies are Aspen, Balsam poplar (or it’s hybrids) and Green Ash. They all lose their foliage by late Sept. 
By the way, your Chuckley pears belong to the Service berry family which includes Saskatoon berries, so plentiful on the prairies.
And another from Massachusetts:

Just want to tell you that this weekend has seen the reds and oranges pop out on the trees down here in Milton, MA (just south of Boston) ...we had a beautiful day today, temp. was 53 degrees and sunny and windy !!! My kind of weather ... although 10 more degrees would have been perfect.

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