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We arrived in Barcelona on October 18, making it the third time we've visited this city in less than 2.5 years.  This is amazing when you consider that we had never been to Europe before.  Though we planned to go several times when we were younger, after our kids came along the opportunity never arose. 

This time we decided to stay in a different hotel that was still close to the cruise port but away from the busy street we had stayed on during the last two visits.  As well, we decided to stay only 2 nights rather than 4.  While we weren't impressed with the hotel for the price we paid, we did enjoy the quieter atmosphere. 

The first day we arrived after a night of travelling without sleep (we left St. John's at 10:00 PM and arrived in Barcelona around 1:00 their time - 7:30 AM at home) and  wandered through a nearby park, watched locals playing in another park area and visited a small supermarket around the corner from the hotel. We stopped in a small cafe and had a sandwich before heading back to the hotel where, because we were exhausted, we crashed for the night.

As I share the photos from this trip I plan to upload 20 or so a day to my Photo of the Day Blog.  I know most of you don't check the photos there on a daily basis, but if you are interested in seeing a few of the things I saw in our various destinations, my Blog is the place to see them.  Of course, I'll also create new web pages as well, but they will come later.  Today's photos were taken the first afternoon we spent in Barcelona.

I saw a man sitting quietly on a park bench and made a few photos of him as he sat writing with pen and paper.  So often these days, people are looking at their phones or other electronic devices.  This park was a welcome contrast to the busy streets full of vehicles just a few of blocks away.  There was another park area adjacent to the busiest street in the area and I photographed several men who were playing a game of bocce.

Feel free to share today's photos with family and friends.

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Those clotheslines are everywhere! Thanks for the photos.

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