Monday, November 25, 2013

Barcelona 2

Barcelona 2

Since it was our third visit to Barcelona we decided to take a walk along the harbour instead of visiting La Rambla, one of the most visited streets in the world.

The castle near the harbour is now a marine museum that didn't appear to be open early in the morning as we walked by.  I made a few images of the large monument with a statue of Christopher Columbus at the top. Just across the street from the statue was a busy "flea market".  The photo I shared this morning shows a variety of old cameras for sale and all others had a wide variety of items that reminded me of an episode of Canadian or American Pickers.  You can see other images of a variety of "antiques" on my Blog this morning.

It was interesting to listen to so many people using a variety of languages trying to bargain with the sellers.  Many of them could say a few English words but most used a calculator to show the prices of individual objects.

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