Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Storm-petrels + Nativity 11

In early September we had quite a wind storm that brought hundreds of small seabirds to the beach and shoreline around Holyrood. The storm- petrels live their lives at sea and don't do well on land. I photographed several dead birds that were hit by cars or just died because they couldn't get back to the sea. The two photos this morning show one of these birds skimming the water. They almost seemed to be walking on the water as they fed.

If you are interested in seabirds, feel free to check out my Birds Galleries -

The ceramic Nativity today is more traditional than most I've sent so far this year. Photographing this one was a challenge because it was enclosed in a glass case that created many reflections which I tried to avoind by kneeling. The tag (just behind my name) is about 1 inch high, so you can see that the figures are fairly large. Because of the angle I shot this scene, the figures in front look larger than those in back.

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