Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sunrise and Nativity

I took a few photos as the sun rose this morning. The colours and clouds were dramatic and marked the first day after the Winter Solstice. From today to June 21 the days will continue to get longer each day. : )

Last evening we had a few snow flurries that has made the ground white. It probably won't last since we are supposed to have rain and 8°C (46°F) on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The fairly traditional Nativity scene today is made of stained glass and has figures of Mary, Joseph, Baby, wise men, animals and Star of the East. This scene was tough to photograph because it was contained in a glass case and is made of glass. There were a lot of reflections so I moved as close as possible to the glass to try and get rid of as many as I could.

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