Sunday, December 10, 2006

Snow Scenes and Nativity 8

Rain on Friday took the snow away in this area of the province, but I went back through my files to find a couple of snow scenes to share with you. The first was taken in Holyrood one winter morning a couple of years ago. It was snowing and the sun was trying to break through the clouds. As I drove by, I noticed the tall tree and red barn with the bright light of the sun in the background so I stopped to photograph the scene.

I was driving home from work one afternoon and took the time to stop and photograph the snow drifting across the highway. I work in St. John's so I drive in and out this highway twice a day (except weekends) in all types of weather.

The Nativity today is a more traditional looking scene with manger, Mary, Joseph, Baby and angels. There is another, much smaller figure, in the scene as well. I have seen other nativity scenes with a child, but I am not certain if this figure represents a child or not. It is sculpted from wood, but since there was no tag near this one, I am not sure where it is from.

My Nativity Scenes video has had 20 views this week. I've also uploaded a video about nutcrackers. Here is the link to all my videos -

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