Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Veterans 3

Veterans 3
St. John's, 2001

This is Day 3 of my Veterans Series. All photos were taken on November 11, 2001 at the War Memorial in St. John's.
I would appreciate your feedback on this Series. Here are a few comments I received yesterday:

Honoring our Veterans, great photos,  Bruce, thank you. 
I like reading about the stories from the War Brides, and I have heard funny and sad stories from women who came over here during and after WW2...one Welsh lady from Swansea who lived on our street, she was so funny and told stories with such humour..both she and her husband passed away a few years ago 
There was a lady who came over from England after the War with her husband who served overseas, he was from a small village not far from Burin. She stayed a week and went back to England never to return and he didn't go over there either, but they had a daughter !...he remarried many years later to a girl from Burin...as the daughter back in England married, she wanted to see her father, so she got in contact with her father and came over to visit just a few yrs ago!! he and his wife made her very welcome and she kept in contact with them til her father died and his wife, Marg died about 2- 3 yrs ago... so that's one "War" story I had to relate to you 
Oh my goodness...We owe them so much. What a wonderful series Bruce... 
Bruce, a great idea for a wonderful group. To be remembered in a photo like this is a tribute to their sacrifice and to their families, it is a memory of their loved one who gave up his or her profession to go fight for a cause they believed in. In the end, they fought so we would be free. God Bless them all, not just on November 11th, but every day. 
Bruce, your Veterans series over the years has been great.. I really like viewing their faces, their hands and especially like peering into their eyes. What they must have gone through, I can not truly comprehend that.....I just wish and trust that EVERYONE from the youngest to the oldest would take more notice..And, express their feelings and appreciation to them...I am going out this year to the memorial service, in Clarenville and I will TRY to emulate what you do with all of those fantastic Veteran's images..I just love it..Keep them coming.

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