Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Red-shouldered Hawks

Red-shouldered Hawks

I am glad I landed on one of the photos with one hawk attacking another.  

I had been walking for nearly an hour and spotted a northern mockingbird harassing a red-shouldered hawk.  It didn't seem to mind much and after I took a couple of photos of them atop a huge tree, I continued on.  After a few hundred feet, I hear the hawk cry again.  I had a look and it was on the top of another tree.  I was going to go on but decided to get another photo of the beautiful bird.  Just as I focused, I saw another hawk fly into the frame and both birds were entangled in a fight and fell to the ground.  I continued shooting until they broke off and one flew away. The victor flew up to a wire and "screamed" at the other hawk!

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