Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Z - Zoic

Z - Zoic

To be honest, I didn't think I would find any scanned images that would fit a subject beginning with the letter Z. As I went through a long list of words beginning with the letter Z, I came across the word Zoic (see definition below) and I knew that any photo pertaining to animals would fit. :) I chose animals that were taken during my travels because they are not found here and are exotic species to me.


  • pertaining to animals or animal life or action
  • Of or pertaining to animals, or animal life.

The first photo is a cuckatoo that was photographed in British Columbia during my visit in 1978. I remember thinking that this bird definitely posed for me. The blue-gold macaw also seemed to pose for me during a visit to Florida in 1980. These birds were in wildlife parks and were probably very used to getting thier pictures taken.

The large grasshopper (3-4 inches) was feeding on a shrub in Citrus Park, Florida during my first visit in 1993. Our grasshoppers are much smaller than the one shared this morning and I have never tried to photogaph them.

As usual, I have enjoyed the challenge of finding photographs to fit an alphabetical theme. For the past 26 days I have shared images scanned from photos taken 18 - 30+ years ago. I hope you have enjoyed the photos which for me have been a trip down memory lane.

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