Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Good Friday

In honour of Good Friday I am sharing images of the Grand Falls Graveyard that were scanned from slides taken in the 70s. I liked the statue of Jesus on the cross and I photographed it several times when I lived there.

The sun rose behind the statue and I tried to capture it with the colours of the sunrise in the background. The first image shows the cross with dark clouds with bright sun shining through. I liked the golden colours on the horizon as well.

I went to the graveyard to capture the full moon directly behind Jesus' head. The trees were in the way, but I was able to zoom in to make the third image. I liked the lighting in the third image.

The fourth photo was taken on a different day when the sun was much higher in the sky. I positioned myself so the sun was behind a tree knowing the bright sun would cause most of the image to be dark. This morning I added the poem, which I had written back in the 70s, to illustrate that an image which is very dark can still be useful.

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