Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Horses 4

Horses 4

I have been getting more comments on the Horses series than most photos I share. It seems as though many of you have a soft place in your hearts for horses and the photos are evoking positive memories.

In August 2001, I saw a mare with a very young foal feeding in a pasture near Holyrood Harbour. I stopped to make a few images and was lucky to observe the young one feeding, The little foal wasn't very steady on its legs and didn't venture far from its mother. I've uploaded several more images from this sequence to my Blog today.

The foal started to move away from the mare in the first image but it didn't go very far. It got tired and lay down in the grass. LIke most horses, when I got close to the fence, the mare started walking towards me and the foal stuck close behind her as she approached. The third photo was taken a day or so later when it was much brighter. The foal still lay on the grass quite a bit.

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