Monday, April 18, 2011

Horses 2

Horses 2

Thanks for the comments on yesterday's photos of Horses. I have a few more to share with you this morning.

Even though the weather wasn't very good, I stopped to photograph a white horse with an iceberg in the background. This photo was taken in the 80s in Holyrood and there are quite a few changes to this part of the town. There are at least 5 houses on the hill in the background that weren't there when this photo was taken.

The black and white horse was drinking water in Port Kirwin on the Irish Loop. I was surprised to see a horse drinking salt water.

The mother and foal were photographed in Brigus. These are Newfoundland ponies, our own species of horse. They are a little smaller than most horses, but very strong. In the past they were reliable work horses and used all across the island. These days, people are trying to save these animals from extinction.

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