Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cape Race Lighthouse

Cape Race Lighthouse

I've only visited Cape Race once, the main reason being that it is at the end of a gravel road (or at least it was the in 2003). Wikipedia gives the following interesting information about the lighthouse.

In 1856, the first lighthouse was installed by the British Government's Trinity House. It was a cast iron tower with a coal oil lamp turned by clockwork. It was replaced in 1907 by a 29 metres tall concrete tower and a light with a massive hyperradiant Fresnel lens made by Chance Brothers in England. The original lighthouse was then moved to Cape North; it now stands in front of the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. The light's characteristic is a single white flash every 7.5 seconds, additionally a foghorn may sound a signal of two blasts every 60 seconds. There is also a high-power LORAN-C transmitter at Cape Race, whose mast was until the completion of CN Tower the tallest structure of Canada.

I liked this lighthouse and was lucky to be there on such a nice day since this area of the province has fog 158 days a year.

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