Thursday, April 28, 2011

Heart's Content Lighthouse

Heart's Content Lighthouse

The 100 year old lighthouse at the entrance to the harbour in Heart's Content stands high above the waters of Trinity Bay. It is easy to get to and quite colourful, especially against the clear blue sky. I last shared images of this lighthouse on September 24, 2009 and have tried to include images I didn't share then. If you would like to see others, eight more images of this lighthouse were uploaded to my Blog today .

This light in this lighthouse, like many around the province are run (at least partially) by solar power. You can see the collector panel near the top in the first two photos. I thought it was interesting that they painted part of the window white to match the candy cane paint job on the exterior.

As I continue with this series, I'd like you to look at the different designs as well as the paint jobs on the lighthouses. I've seen similar designs but never two lighthouses that were identical.

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