Saturday, April 02, 2011

P - Pollution

P - Pollution

Some of you may have the impression that Newfoundland and Labrador is pristine, but we have a few "polluters" and the hydro plant in Seal Cove is one of them. Since these photos were taken the government has made an effort to reduce the pollutants coming from the plant. Residents of nearby communities have been lobbying governments to do something about the pollution and, as a result, the plant is scheduled to have the problem fixed by 2013.

I know there are many of you who would think that three smoke-stacks are nothing, but here, they are one of the worst sources of pollutants in the province. Residents of Seal Cove, where the plant is located, say that the pollutants ruin paint jobs on their vehicles and siding on their houses. Imagine what it was doing to their lungs. I would agree that it is less than many places, but for $250 Million, scrubbers could have been added that would reduce pollution. Our government's solution is a $6.5 Billion hydro development of Muskrat Falls in Labrador which would allow them to close the plant in Seal Cove and export electricity to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and beyond.

This has become an issue in the Federal Election Campaign ongoing across Canada and we will have to wait for things to play themselves out. Mr. Harper, the leader of the Conservative Party and former Prime Minister says that, if elected, his government will back the project with loan guarantees, but many people question his sincerity since he has broken most promises that he made in this province in previous election campaigns. The Quebec government is upset because of this promise. They feel that the federal government shouldn't be involved in the hydro business. Of course, they are the province that won't allow Newfoundland and Labrador to use a transmission corridor through their province for us to sell electricity to Ontario or the northern US states. In fact, they already reap the benefits of the Upper Churchill Hydro Development ($2 Billion + per year whereas our province gets $32 Million or less). This deal (signed in 1969) was extremely one-sided and our province has been unsuccessful in getting the contract changed. I believe this lopsided contract will be in effect until 2040. Since Newfoundland and Labrador have 7 seats in the Federal Government and Quebec has 75, it is doubtful that any Federal party will really take a chance on getting Quebec upset with them.

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Philly Girl said...

well I can tell these photos stuck a conflict in your life. I am in agreement about the upper Churchill debacle. I wish they could have kept some jobs in Seal Cove with the scrubbers, though. I hope the Lower Churchill thing turns out much better for NFLD.