Friday, April 15, 2011



A couple of nights ago I couldn't resist making photographs of another beautiful sunset here in Holyrood. Yesterday I mentioned that because I live in the forest I have to include trees in my sunset and sunrise photographs. The first photo shows some of the large spruce and fir trees less than 30 feet from one side of my house. To get the second image without trees, I walked to an area where I zoomed in and shot between the branches. I looked up to shoot a photo of the sunset with the branches of a fairly large birch tree in the foreground.

A few of you said that you like sunrises, but don't get up early enough to see them. That's why this time of the year is great. The sun rises around 6:00 (6:13 this morning) whereas in a couple of months it will rise around 4:30. I am an early riser, but even I am not up that early very often. Occasionally I will get up early and drive to Cape Spear or Signal Hill and photograph the sunrise with the ocean in the foreground.

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