Monday, April 25, 2011

Cape Pine Lighthouse

Cape Pine Lighthouse

Today I am starting a Lighthouse series in response to a request from a member of this list. While I have shared photos of lighthouses previously, I will attempt to send photos that I haven't shared before. As you know, when I photograph a lighthouse, I always take many photos from a variety of angles so I have several images of each one.

Cape Pine Lighthouse is located near St. Shott's on the Irish Loop. I have photographed this lighthouse a few times as I searched for caribou on the barrens in the area. Today's photos were taken on a particularly foggy day, not unusual in that area of the Avalon Peninsula. As I approached the lighthouse the entire area was so foggy that only a faint image of the buildings could be seen. Then, because of a break in the fog, the sun came out and there was a little blue sky overhead. That lasted for only a few minutes but I was able to make a few photographs before the fog returned.

If you want to view other photos of this lighthouse, feel free to check my June 15, 2010 Blog Entry.

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