Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Another theme I have been enjoying shooting for years is Hands. All of today's images were scanned from slides and converted to black and white later.

It was thirty-five years ago when I photographed my oldest son's tiny hands on his first day home. I used a close-up lens which gave the whole photo a soft focus effect except for the tips of his fingers and his thumb. I have always liked this image.

I was photographing a historic home in Harbour Grace when the owner came out and invited me inside. After a tour of the old stone home, she offered me a cup of tea. and I made a few photos of her hands holding a china cup as we sat in her back yard.

A fisherman repairing a net in Point Leamington caught my attention and I stopped to make a few photos of him. Today's photo, taken in the mid-seventies shows his hands as he worked.

My second son was riding his toy horse and one of the photos I took of him was his hands as he held on. The last photo was taken in a school gym and was taken for a slide show I was producing in the early 80s. The purpose was to show good sportsmanship in school sports and physical education activities.

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