Monday, November 01, 2010

200 - 5

Usually, I don't run a series for more than 5 days, but because there is a lot of variety in the photos I have chosen for the 200 theme, I will continue for a few more days.

There are many windows in the building on Boyleston Street in Boston, This photo was scanned from a slide I shot during a business trip there in the mid 90s. I always photograph buildings when I visit cities, probably because I live in the woods with no houses nearby and I am not used to seeing them. I could have chosen many photos of skyscrapers to illustrate this theme.

Earlier in this series I sent a stack of roof tiles and the second photo this morning shows a roof with the same type of tiles. I liked the shapes and lines created by the tiles on this roof in Florida.

Finally, there are over 200 individual pieces of glass in the circular stained glass window. As you know, I have hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of stained glass windows and most of them probably have 200+ pieces of glass.

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