Tuesday, November 02, 2010

200 - 6

The images I am sharing today are very different from each other, yet fit the theme 200. I have to admit that looking for photos to fit this theme made me realize how many photos have large numbers of subjects within their frames.

A few years ago I photographed the Tely10, an annual ten mile race through the town of Paradise and the streets of St. John's. When the race began, I photographed the mass of runners as they passed by. If you like this subject, I uploaded another photo of the race to my Blog this morning.

During an early-morning walked along a road in Citrus Park, Florida, I positioned myself behind the hundreds of grasses as the sun rose above the horizon. I was trying to make silhouettes of the 15 foot plants with the beautiful colour of the peaceful sky in the background.

Each year when capelin come ashore to spawn in Middle Cove, many people go to the beach to try to catch a few of the tasty little fish. Farmers and gardeners also catch these fish and use them to fertilize their gardens.

There are quite a few bakeapples in this photo, taken while I was picking them three summers ago.

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