Sunday, October 31, 2010

200 - 4

Coincidentally, pumpkins were next on my list of photos in the current theme. Happy Halloween! There were far more than 200 pumpkins in the pumpkin patch I photographed a few years ago. I am not certain there are that many visible in this image, but it is obvious that there are LOTS!

There was a lot more than $200 being dropped from the hand in the second photo. In 2004, we started Think Green at our school and we were trying to increase the amount of recycling that parents donated throughout the year. I borrowed over $1000 cash from the office and had students throw it around the school library. I planned to use photos with the slogan, "Don't Throw Money Away: Lets Double Our Recycling at MQP". Believe it or not, it was a little difficult to get the shots I needed because the bills were sticking together a lot. As you can imagine, the kids throwing the money had a lot of fun. If you would like to see some of the posters we created, check

I have no doubt there are more than 200 leaves in the fourth and fifth photos which were taken at Bowring Park a few years ago in late October.

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